Monday, 24 November 2014

Second hand first!

How much of your wardrobe is second hand? Last week TRAID launched a campaign to encourage more people to commit to buying more of their clothes and other resources second hand rather than buying new.
So what does it mean... well I like to think of it as your clothes and other items telling a story. It's easy to pop into a high street shop and buy the latest fashion but you'll have more fun and individual style by buying second hand, and if you support traid you will be reducing the amount of clothing going into landfill and supporting global projects to improve conditions and working practices in the textile industry. The photo I have chosen to go with this post features some of my favourite second hand pieces purchased from ebay, etsy and local vintage shops or charity shops. Not every item in my wardrobe is second hand - see those clarks shoes above but we could all aim to have a higher proportion of pre-loved clothing and that is what the second hand first campaign is about.
Maria Chenoweth-Casey, CEO of TRAID said, “Second-hand has the power to create a more sustainable society. The garment industry makes huge demands on scarce and diminishing resources, like water, land and oil while unwanted and still wearable clothes are sent to landfill. #SECONDHANDFIRST Week reminds people to use what we already have as a way to reduce waste, landfill, carbon emissions and consumption bringing major benefits to our increasingly fragile environment.”
It's something I have always had in mind when making clothes ... I love the process of designing and making items to wear but I also want my designs to be sustainable so my hand made items are only made of second hand or responsibly sourced materials.
What is your favourite second hand piece? Take a snap and share it on twitter or instagram with the hash tag #secondhandfirst 


  1. Great post Jo. I agree! I would say about 80% of my wardrobe is second hand, mostly from eBay :) much more fun

  2. Thanks for taking the photo <3 xx